Text Box: Plans
4 Different Plans are personalized specifically for your Goals, Needs and Life Style.
Text Box: One Time Plan                  $250                      A personalized plan to prepare you for a specific goal, such as a Century or Charity Ride our Tour.  This will incorporate a schedule of workouts leading up to your goal event.  It is up to you to keep on track and fine tuning and e-mail or telephone support are not available.
Text Box: Single Private Lesson      $100                     This is especially good, and was created out of the needs of newer riders to the cycling sport.  This is a full day of riding, usually about 4 hours, including post ride discussions.  This is a fairly open format, although the core will be the teaching of bike handling techniques, group riding skills, safety, and nutrition.  Specific question will also be covered.
Text Box: Monthly Personal Plan     $200 Monthly      This plan tracks the athlete’s training utilizing state of the art concepts and mathematical models such as Training Stress Score, Chronic Training Load, Acute Training Loads and Training Stress Balance.  This is best for the active athlete who has multiple events during the course of the year and is competing at the highest level.  The minimum requirement is the ability to email the coach time of each workout along with average HR, although this program is best undertaken with the use of some type of Power recording device and the downloading of those files to the coach.  Updated plans are weekly and based on both email and telephone conversations.
Text Box: Monthly Premium Plan     $400 Monthly      This plan includes everything in the ”Personal Plan”, but is highly customized and brings in coaching and mentoring outside of preparing the athlete physically.  The “Premium” plan covers the physical and mental aspects along with nutrition, race strategies and tactics, racing and bike handling skills, crew development, event specific support, unlimited contact between coach and athlete and any other special needs required by the athlete that are within our ability and experise.  This program is best undertaken with the use of some type of Power recording device and the downloading of those files to the coach.  Updated plans are weekly and may be adjusted on a daily basis.  If geographically possible the coach and athlete will occasionally ride together to address and clarify skills.  If geography is an issue, the coach is open to going to the athlete or the reverse.  If the coach is needed to travel to the athlete all travel related cost will be covered by the athlete over and above the standard monthly fee.
Text Box: Junior/U-23 Elite Development	 $100 Monthly      A limited number of spots are available each year at a reduced price to help juniors and U-23s achieve their dreams and goals on very tight family budgets.  Also, a limited number of grants are available each year to very dedicated young men and women who may not be able to afford coaching even at the reduced price.  This is the same as the monthly personal plan above,  with age and academic adjustments as part of the plan.  The moving target of a growing young adult requires special adjustments, mentally and physically to prevent injury and burnout.