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Training Load Management, the fine line between training hard enough but not over training and the appropriate mix of intensity and duration which is highly event specific.† How much is ideal for each athlete is highly personal and specific and should vary due to genetic potential, age, current and past cycling background, along with stress of lifeís surprises.† Mental attitude, nutrition, bio-mechanics, equipment along with scientific measuring and modeling tools are all equally part of the equation for success.


Currently there is an explosion of knowledge in the field of how we respond to training stimulus, however I believe that we are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg.† I believe that we just now are starting to understand what questions to ask.† With the advent of recent tools such as the power meter and the advent of the field of exercise physiology along with the first phase attempts to develop mathematical models which can predict an athleteís performance, the potential of the modern athlete is just being explored.

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